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I believe that creating value through partnerships is key to do business in China.
I believe in a China-Western relationship with a higher degree of cultural tolerance. 
I work for long lasting trade relationships through trust in communications.
I believe we can increase life quality in China, stop manufacture of low-quality and fake goods, and decrease corruption in China. 
Meanwhile, we can explore the opportunities for China-World business.

Company setup in progress
Personal details
30 years old
Danish, English, Chinese
IP specialist, Marketer
Consulting, Design service, Graphic design, IP protection, Packaging design

Maximising your company's brand value in China

1. In China, protection of your brand is important to resist counterfeits, to dominate distribution platforms, and to strengthen the brand identity.

E.g. if a Chinese counterfeiter (or 10) distribute a 1:1 of your product, the value of your product and brand will decrease, because of a public confusion. The origin of, intention behind, and identity of the product becomes obscured, resulting in less loyal customers and lack of recognition of your brand. This will lead to less traction and fewer profits.

2. When adding value to the brand of a company through branding and marketing, protection is needed to contain the value.
We can depict it by seeing 1. Marketing and 2. Brand-protection as a feedback loop, where one cannot exist without the other, to optimize your brand value. An analogy could be:

If you discover an apple tree with lots of apples (profits) and distribute the apples, you will need a bag (protection) to carry the apples to maximize your distribution on the local market. In the beginning, using a simple bag (basic protection) to carry the apples is fine, since you are the only person who knows this specific apple tree. Once you discover that these exact apples have potential for profit on the local market, the competitors on the local market will get curious to where and how you collect your apples (profits). Now, as your apples have become the talk of the town, it is in your interest to buy a fence around the tree (further protection), to keep the competitors from coming in at night and stealing your apples (profits). As your apples become more and more popular, these protections measures need to increase accordingly. If not, people will steal your apples (profits) and you will compete with people selling the same apples.

I assist companies in strategizing and execution of:
The basic protection in China includes:
- Registrations of trademarks
- Fixation of Copyrights
- Customs recordation

Expanded protection in China includes:
- IP watch reports
- Ecommerce reports
- Investigations

China market branding to increase traction includes:
- Translation of a brand into Chinese
- Adapting visual identity to consumers
- Packaging design and descriptions in Chinese

We execute all the above services through partnerships with trusted local Chinese experts in their respected fields*