Textile Pressure Sensors

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Textile Matricial Sensors

Textile matricial pressure sensors are soft and conformable because entirely made of fabric. Our standard production is 12x12 (24 cm x 24 cm) or 16x16 (32cm x 32cm). We produce customized sensors on request.

Why are our sensors different?
Because we have a great expertise in developing and manufacturing electronic devices for industrial environments. All the textile components and fabrics that form our sensors are carefully studied and produced. We put our maximum effort in listening to our customers and in understanding the working conditions our sensors must withstand.

Image of a textile matricial sensor
Image of a textile press button
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Textile Press Button

Textile press buttons are made of two conductive layers that can touch when sensor is pressed. They are 100% textile and can be embedded in matresses or car seats to monitor the presence of people. They are sturdy and reliabile (tested up to 1.000.000 cycles) and produced with industrial criteria. They behave like a press button.

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