Shenzhen Valley Ventures

troublemaker partner

Shenzhen Valley Ventures is an engineering and small batch manufacturing company that focuses on the development of products in the fields of medicine, agriculture, sustainability, and AI integrated IoT devices. 

You can knock on their door for product design, testing, and manufacturing. It's all done in-house. The difference between SVV and most contract manufacturers is that manufacturing small batches is their strength, and at SVV you are not a number.

We love to work with SVV because it's a modern service oriented company with a business model that doesn't depend on mass manufacturing. This makes them very suitable as a sparring partner for hardware startups, corporate innovation teams and universities. With their ultra-modern lab setup and high-quality engineers, they contribute perfectly to what we do at TroubleMaker. And best of all is that we can cherry pick what we need without having to place a manufacturing order.

Pre-certification lab testing

Certifying hardware products is mandatory by law to guarantee safety to the user and the environment. There is no escape. Certification labs have a very limited business scope; all they can offer is testing. And to do this requires high investments in test equipment. Without alternative income stream, they can't avoid high hourly rates.

Shenzhen Valley Ventures has an identical lab setup as most certification labs, but being an engineering company, testing is just a tool and not part of the business model. This allows them to charge much lower fees for testing than dedicated labs can offer.

Extra discount for our members

We have always shared our fondness of SVV to our members, and as a result several of our alumni have used their services. For example, HUMM and OKRA SOLAR. As a special thank you, SVV is offering a 30% discount on their already ridiculously low prices for lab testing. And it goes without saying that we transfer 100% of this happiness to our members.