Can I send a few thousand dollars to China within an hour?

27 March 2020

There is a proven efficient way to send a relatively small amount of money to a private person in China, and it is absurdly fast. TransferWise is a financial operator specialised in international transfers, and it’s very suitable for this task.

One of our team members started the registration process with TransferWise at 19:42 and 2,000 US dollar was received on the Chinese bank account before 20:57, converted to local currency.

And the fees are ridiculously low.

Please consider that there are limitations in place. This is a channel meant for private personal use, not for business. It is useful for moving some petty cash quickly. And it works to and from many countries with the same ease.

Please note that the link includes a referral code. This code does not imply costs for you. You can also take part in the referral program, which may award you small amounts. If you prefer to access the site directly, then the address is:

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