What happens when my 60-day automatic visa extension expires?

30 April 2020

A 30 day visa extension was issued yesterday by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau to one of our members. It’s the maximum extension the Shenzhen PSB can issue for a business M visa. The officer advised to return to the PSB at nearly expiry time to figure out the proper arrangement.

Apparently there is no special policy in place to follow up once the 60-day automatic visa extension has ended. Our experience is that no one will be forced to leave the country or put in a condition to not be able and legally stay, but rules will not be bent.

We recommend people who are facing visa expiration issues to spend time to show up at the PSB with plenty of patience and tolerance. Ask a very patient and competent Chinese speaker to join if you don’t speak Chinese. Manage to get access to the officers, not only the employee at the front desk, and clearly explain your situation. Then ask what to apply for and follow the instructions.

Consider that as an ultima ratio you might be proposed to apply for a tourist visa which is the easiest type of visa that the PSB can issue with no special requirement, but the officer would also inform you that once you receive a tourist visa at the PSB office, you may not apply for any other type visa or resident permit without leaving China. Also, there would be limits to the scope of stay and activities you can perform.

The PSB is processing visas rapidly, especially in case your visa is expiring soon. It is an official requirement to apply for extension 15 days before the visa expires. Considering that you may need to prepare some document, it is better that you contact the PSB some 20 days in advance, even if they will very likely tell you to return after 15 days. You have better to play by the rules.

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