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Global Pandemic Emergency Solutions


What TroubleMaker can do to protect you from coronavirus

Hi there. Here at TroubleMaker, Shenzhen we have been through the worst of Covid-19 and we’ve come out the other side. More importantly, we know how you and the rest of the world are feeling right now. In these difficult times, it’s very easy to feel fear and anxiety but that’s not necessary. 

We’re involved in a number of activities and innovations that kept us safe and can also help keep you safe. Now, before we start talking about protecting ourselves, let’s review the facts. The virus can not travel more than two meters by aerosol transfer. It can remain viable for up to 4 days on metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. Make sure you do not touch your face, as the virus can enter through your mucous membranes. 

Establish a clean zone in your home, when you bring in anything from the outside world, you must wash it and your hands with warm soapy water. This includes your mobile, your keys, and groceries. Wearing a face mask protects you and others around you. We have vetted preferred suppliers for a range of face masks, test kits, temperature guns, and personal protection equipment. We want to provide assistance to groups, people, and organizations that urgently need consignments of masks. The masks that we are able to provide a range from 2 ply surgical masks to N95 and KN95 which are both for medics. 

Wearing a mask also helps us to learn to stop touching our face. With the rapid spread of Covid-19, now is the time to protect yourself. Everyone who places an order today will get free of charge training on how to build a handy low-temperature oven, which you can use for re-using and sterilizing your family’s masks! 

Order today to ensure delivery on the very next flight. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your business. We’ve got your back.

If you’d like to learn more about purchasing KN95 or N95 masks, please email us directly at [email protected]

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