How to build a sterilising UV BOX

This post results from a note shared on the Troublemaker chat group.
The author, Gianpaolo Rodola, agrees to make it available here and I am helping him with this post and with a project on Wikifactory on building a sterilising UV box.

What’s needed:

  • an UV lamp for aquariums; I bought one on amazon for 17 EUR
  • tinfoil* (to reflect UV rays inside the sterilising uv box) – *tinfoil refers to the common aluminium foil for cooking
  • scotch* /duct-tape (to fix the tinfoil in the box) – *scotch refers to the common adhesive tape, not the spirit
  • a reasonably spacious plastic box with top cover
  • empty plastic bottles (to create a “floor” inside the box and “elevate” the objects you put inside so that the UV rays can reach the objects from below)
  • stapler* (to hold plastic bottles together) – *you may need stapler and staples
  • knife + lighter (to create holes in the plastic cover and fix the lamp)
  • steel wire (to fix the lamp on the cover)

Note: UV light must emit UV-C light type (aquarium lamps usually do that). Ref:

How to assemble the sterilising UV box:

  • use tinfoil + scotch/duct-tape to cover the inside of plastic box and its cover
  • cut the bottom of plastic bottles (say 9 of them); all must be of the same height
Bottle cut and joined for the sterilising UV box
Bottle cut and joined
  • “join” the plastic bottles together with the stapler
A bed of cut bottles for sterilising UV box
A bed of cut bottles
  • make 4 holes on the cover; heat the knife with the lighter to make the holes
Fixing the UV lamp for sterilising UV box
Fixing the UV lamp
UV lamp fixed to the cover for sterilising UV box
UV lamp fixed to the cover
  • fix the UV lamp on the cover by using the steel wire

How to use it:

  • put objects on the floor made of bottles
  • make sure all objects will be reached by light
Place objects carefully in the sterilising UV box
Place objects carefully
  • close the cover
  • turn on the light and make it run for 30 minutes
Closing the cover of the sterilising UV box
Closing the cover

  • don’t look at the UV light (bad for the eyes)
  • keep a door/window open: UV light produces ozone

box closed and UV lamp on the sterilising UV box
box closed and UV lamp on
UV glowing box
UV glowing box
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