How to get access to Trouble Maker

The Shenzhen authorities update the rules for access to public buildings and transportation regularly. Access to the Maker Center depends on those rules. At this moment, members of TroubleMaker can get access to Huaqiangbei International Maker Center after:

1) providing a declaration. For this purpose, I have created a questionnaire on the website.

2) showing a green color travel QR on their mobile phone. I am preparing a page on the website with instructions. 

3) having their body temperature checked by the person on duty.

Access Trouble Maker

Henk Werner Trouble Maker

Access to the Maker Center based on the above protocol is available when using the entrance on Huaqiangbei side and with a registered fingerprint at the glass door on the 7th floor. Members who don’t have their fingerprint registered can have access when Coco is at the reception, roughly from Monday till Friday, from around 8:30 till 17:30 and not during lunchtime. 

Our Maker Center also allows visitors to enter, as long as they have followed the same procedure as described above. Visitors can register a free account on this website, fill in the questionnaire, and follow the instructions that come by email.

If members need access during evenings or weekends, then only the back entrance is available. The guard there will ask for an Access Pass. Members who have filled in the questionnaire last month are already eligible for an Access Pass. People who have filled in the questionnaire recently are not yet eligible for an Access Pass.

Since it’s a bit of a hassle to do the paperwork, we apply for Access Pass application in batches, once per month. We can do another application round soon, so if you need this pass then fill in the questionnaire right now. 

Over the last weeks, the situation has changed repeatedly. As a result, constantly the information above could be outdated soon If you know this is the case, please bring the correct information forward in the comments below so that everyone knows.

For more questions, you can use the chat widget at the bottom of this screen.

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