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TroubleMaker is the only platform that offers world-class mentoring and support combined with more in-depth courses to help you strengthen your base in China. Our unique combination of member directories, online Q&A's, forum, videos, and quizzes makes preparing for China fun and interactive.

Our membership fee is reasonable because our members love us and recommend us. We don't spend a dime on advertising.

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The three types of members are a perfect match. Product developers can find information and support from Gurus and Manufacturers.

Gurus are specialists such as Industrial designers, Engineers, IP specialists and so on.

Every member is vetted by the community. The best ones receive a badge so that everyone can see!

You will become a better Chinapreneur with TroubleMaker.

"Henk’s TroubleMaker is the place to be if you’re a hacker, maker, engineer or simply someone that wants to get into the tech scene in Shenzhen, the Hardware Capital of the World.

The community and startups occupying the labs there are an amazing group of people that are always willing to help!

Whether it be advice, networks, technical resources or just good company, Henk and his team at TroubleMaker will sort you out."

Callum Yap

"TroubleMaker is located at the heart of the biggest electronic hardware center of the world. You can get the components for fast prototyping within minutes.

Henk is definitely one of the most helpful people in the hardware world in Shenzhen. If you are working on hardware product development, you should definitely get in contact with Henk!"

Linda Luo
Robotics Masters

"In Shenzhen's jungle of tech startups, co-working spaces and incubators, Henk's TroubleMaker stands out as a truly organic community of tech fans, makers and engineers in the heart of the world's largest electronics market."

Matias Otero Johansson
International Trade & Development

"Together with start-ups from Berlin we visited TroubleMaker. Henk explained us everything we needed to know to enter China.

When there is one foreigner, who understands the Shenzhen tech ecosystem in its full dimension, than it is Henk. He is a mastermind!"

Jonas Fahlbusch
Project Manager

"In the hustle and bustle cut-throat high-tech high-speed business scene of Shenzhen, Henk has built an oasis in the storm.

TroubleMaker has created an incredible environment and culture that nurtures collaboration and mutually beneficial projects. Having had the opportunity to interview him about his China Dream story, he stands out as one of the few entrepreneurs in China who runs his business according to his values and truly gives with all his heart.

I have more respect for what he is doing at TroubleMaker than any other business I have encountered in China. If you get the chance to work with Henk, leap at it!"

Fionn Wright
Coach for Entrepreneurs

"Henk has this gift to turn a good idea into something real. His selfless mindset makes Trouble Maker a family in which people help each other to achieve their goals.

Coming from academia straight to Shenzhen’s tech world, I feel lucky to have Henk’s guidance to put in practice my ideas and have access to the amazing TroubleMaker’s community of makers, engineers, designers and all sort of geeks.

Henk also supports social projects like the Women in Python which promotes gender inclusion in tech. I think everyone coming to Shenzhen should live the TroubleMaker experience."

Saulo Meirelles

Specialists in China are ready

Ask anything

You have a bunch of questions, just as we all had.

Luckily we have all kinds of specialists in our community here in China who we can ask for advise.

And so can you!  Dial in to our online Q&A sessions which are hosted by TroubleMaker Gurus.

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Book time with a specialist

Get 1-on-1 mentoring

Sometimes you have more questions than you can ask in a public Q&A.

That's when you browse the Guru profiles, select the right one and book time straight in their calendar!

Let a local specialist do the heavy lifting

Get Done-For-You services

Are you ready to come to Shenzhen? Great!

If not yet, no worries. Guru's with different backgrounds and specialties are ready to juggle the balls on your behalf. 

For example, pickup that sample from a factory and test it thoroughly so that you surely receive what you're paying for!

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Many communities don't respect your privacy. Their Terms & Conditions include unrestricted rights to use whatever you upload to their platform.

We put your privacy and Intellectual Property rights above all else: we adhere to the highest privacy standards and comply with GDPR.

Your creation is yours and only you choose what can be shared.

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